Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nancy Pelosi kicks ass*

Seriously! I would love to vote for her.

Some choice quotations from her 60 Minutes interview:

"We're in a political debate here. We didn't come here to have a tea party together, and toss a coin to see who would win on an issue."

Regarding the response to Hurricane Katrina: "The President said he's going to lead the investigation into what went wrong. He need look only in the mirror, for starters."

"Asked what she would say to Republicans, who have said that Pelosi and the Democrats do not understand the serious nature of the [terrorist] threat, the congresswoman says, 'I, as a mother and a grandmother, 14 years on the intelligence committee. Don't tell me I have any underestimation of what the threat is to our country. So, if you want to justify your failed policy [in Iraq] by saying we don't understand the threat, clearly you didn't understand the situation you got us into.'"

C'mon people, get out and vote and help this awesome firebrand get to be the Speaker of the House.

The whole transcript is here, although the video, particularly of that last quote, is worth seeing.

*The cutest thing ever? Pelosi hates shopping for clothes so her husband (an investment banker) dresses her. I thought this was adorable, probably because back in my former life, when I could easily go through a day without someone else's bodily fluids and/or food on me, Taxman used to go shopping with me. He called himself my "personal shopper" and would bring me things he thought I would like, or different sizes or colors of things. I miss that.

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