Monday, January 01, 2007

In Sum...and Happy Blogiversary to Me

As seen everywhere, here's my 2006:

The new year is upon us...but I don't do resolutions.

I finally gave in to the temptation (I had been saving it for Taxman's busy season, when I will truly never have access to a decent grocery store except for late Saturday night) and ordered from Fresh Direct.

Instead of my 15-minute haze of drowsiness while Miss M nursed down to her nap yesterday, I had a true nap.

Tax season with kid(s) is like having two Mondays a week.

Baby AM is a pretty chilled out individual.

Seen today on our block...Etched in pollen on the rear windshield of an SUV (natch!), above a Bush-Cheney campaign sticker: "Shame on you!"*

On Sunday we trekked to Brooklyn to look at a used car, eat breakfast out, and go to the New York Aquarium.

I can't stop screaming.

Having a nasty intestinal virus was not the way I intended to shed the last pregnancy pounds.

The good news is that it is easier to fast carrying an extra 5-10 pounds and nursing an infant who is happy to take a pumped bottle than being 10 pounds underweight, 12 weeks pregnant, and nursing a toddler who will accept no substitutes.

Why[do] strangers insist on commenting on my "parenting" skillz.

We are having major connection capital-I Issues over here.

Kind of a mish-mash. Utterly appopriate, yet not exactly what I intended (expected?) to achieve. I am still working it all out. Thanks for bearing with me for any or all of the past 366 days.

* This is the whole post; it doesn't make sense otherwise.

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