Saturday, January 13, 2007

When greedy bleeds into stupid

and now for your entertainment

New rules at some Broadway venues now allow eating during live theater performances.


That's insane.

I know I wasn't consulted, but here's what I'd say. Figure your average theater ticket costs $80. (Some popular shows don't have seats for less than $100, from what I hear.) You'll want to share that special occasion with a special person in your life. And get a babysitter, if you have kids.* So that's a minimum of a $200 evening.


Seriously? Who's going to want to risk it again if it happens once?

I really hope the actors make the theater owners come to their senses.

* It should go without saying, being the pseudo-crunchified tandem nurser that I am, that it has been lifetimes years since we darkened the doors of a Broadway theater.

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