Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Toddler blahs

Every Sunday through Thursday between 4:30 and 5. Shoot me if spring doesn't come soon. Seriously.

Miss M (crying): "Miss M sad."
Me: "I'm sorry. Why are you sad?"
Miss: "Ema, pick you up. Hug you and kiss you."

Miss M (crying; AM has wandered within six feet of the TV): "Ema, get him!"
Me: "Honey, he's just watching the video. Can't he watch with you?"

Me: "What happened?"
Miss M (snatching her paper and pen away because AM pulled up on her little table): "Ema, get AM! Miss M writing!* Ema, get him! AHHHH!"

* She actually sits there and writes letters. It's kind of scary, in a precocious sort of way. She can write all four letters that comprise her name. Never in a straight line though.

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