Tuesday, February 06, 2007


So, not six hours ago did I note that Miss M enjoys writing letters of all kinds, but cannot write her name, per se.

Apparently I was incorrect.

Tonight, in an attempt to get her to just sit still for five minutes 30 seconds as we waited for our vegetable tempura and other edible Japanese treats, I pulled a notebook and pen out of the diaper bag and told her to write her name, expecting to see the normal jumble of letters all over the page.

But she wrote.her.name. Six letters long. In order. Left to right.

Now, she has been obsessed with letters for a long time. And for months she's begged us to "Write de NAMES!" of everyone in the family. Many times a day.

But still. She's two years, seven months, two weeks, and four days old.

I know it's really just rote memory and fine motor skills. But still.

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