Monday, March 27, 2006


Watching your toddler literally strip off winter, leaving behind coat, hat, and mittens, in order to run around the playground in the sunshine and boldly challenge the five-year-old boys who dared to linger at the bottom of the slide.

The playground was the highlight of our day. Unfortunately, there were a lot of lowlights:

*waking for the day at 6.
*a too-short nap that ended in an unexplained screaming jag.
*a fragile ego...or something like that. When I refused, politely, to share her lunch, she cried. Big, fat tears. Weird. Trying to dissect--related to the b2b?
*bathtime=flood in the bathroom.

I hope tomorrow will be a more gentle day. Starting at 7. Please, please, please.

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