Friday, March 31, 2006

Feeling cranky

People are nice. Or trying to be. Everyone is complimenting me on how great I look for this late in my pregnancy.

"I can't believe you're almost due!"

"I can't believe you're out and about and running around at the park!" (Frankly, dealing with Miss M at home is worse. Due to the I-must-climb-EVERYTHING stage she is in, it's better to be in a place where climbing is appropriate.)

"You're all baby!" (I get this a lot. It's mostly true, except for the weight that went directly to my thighs--but I don't wear shorts.)

"You look so small!" (This is a LIE, I'm sorry. I look like I've stuffed a huge bowling ball into my shirt.)

I have to tell you though, all of these statements make me incredibly cranky. In my head they are reinforcing what my OB has been reporting: My body is not ready to give birth. From what I hear it is uncomfortable to walk around for weeks at 4-5 cm dilated, but I wouldn't know.

The two best comments I've gotten all week were from another playgroup mommy that I ran into at the doctor's office. She said, "You look so low!" (I don't think I've dropped, but it was encouraging to hear), and when I mentioned that I was still nursing Miss M, she asked if I was planning to tandem; I said yes, and she said, "Wow, that's great."

I know I am lucky that I don't suffer in my pregnancies. My body handles it well. I don't get sick; I don't get terribly uncomfortable; I don't get swelling. But based on what happened in my last labor (when Miss M was in the wrong position and/or too big to get out), I get nervous when people offhandedly tell me I look so great and not pregnant from the back. I'd rather look a little haggard and sleep deprived--true!--and have people tell me they'd bet I'll be in labor within 3 days.

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