Friday, March 03, 2006

No good nap goes unpunished

Instead of my 15-minute haze of drowsiness while Miss M nursed down to her nap yesterday, I had a true nap. I got up when she did. And somehow from that hour and a half of bliss it was extrapolated that I should toss and turn and generally be miserable and awake from 11:30, when I went to bed, until after 3.

I was actually considering getting out of bed to blog my misery when Miss M woke up and had soaked through her diaper and pajamas. This had never happened before, but apparently asking for water--over and over--is a really good way to extend your night nursing and delay bedtime. (And get invited to Ema and Abba's bed at 1:30 in the morning because your parents are too lazy to change your sheets.) Anyway, then I was trapped, because she had to be touching me at a minimum of three points in order to put herself back to sleep without nursing. And then she was cranky when she woke up this morning, even after nursing. So I have been busy mentally calculating how many episodes of Sesame Street we have stocked in the DVR, because I suddenly have extra laundry and much less motivation to get anything accomplished.

But the good news is that we are going away for Shabbat. No cooking! All I have to do is pack for it. We are going to visit friends who used to live in the neighborhood--they were the first people we met upon moving in--and moved to one of the 4,000 suburbs a couple of years ago. Something tells me that it will be mostly nice to see them, and slightly awkward. They are sort of a high-powered couple (law and finance) and have a very cute little girl, a few months younger than Miss M. Anyway, our child-rearing techniques could not be more different. The last time we spent a Shabbat with them the girls were a lot younger, but I have a feeling this go-round things will be in high relief. (First question posed to us over the phone: will Miss M sleep in a Pack and Play? Answer: not on your life....further thought from me: Good lord, would YOU sleep on a mattress half an inch thick? The floor must be more comfortable, although surely Miss M will be playing her usual part of bed hog.)

The mantra of today will be: no cooking, no cooking, no cooking.

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