Monday, April 17, 2006

Safe? Yes. Easy? Not so much.


He's here. Ta-da! Friday afternoon, 7 pounds 12 oz, 21 inches. He looks exactly like Miss M did as a newborn. It is bizarre. Kind of like giving birth to the same kid twice, in a way.

mc, don't feel obligated to read the rest until July. (Or at all. You know what I mean, right?)

I am so toasted. I was sprung from the hospital today (technically a day early, but I was climbing the walls, despite a swanky private room), and it has been (of course) about 12 years since I slept, so I will present this birth by the numbers, to be filled out in future posts.

Number of hours of labor: 71
Number of doulas involved (consecutively, not together): 2
Number of OBs: 3
Number of Passover seders attended: One-half
Number of nights my (sainted!) mother-in-law tended to Miss M overnight so Taxman could be with me: 4
Number of phone calls, car rides, showers/baths, and generally un-chag-like things that happened from Wednesday through Friday: about a million
Number of catheters: 2
Hours on an epidural: about 12
Hours on Pitocin: about 6
Final dilation: 10 centimeters
Number of hours of pushing: 2-3
Favorite pregnancy intervention EVER: a sweet spinal before a C-section (the only good part of a C-section, really)
circumference of my sweet baby boy's head: 36 cm
My OB's assessment of my sacrum, now that he's seen it: "REALLY narrow"
Amount of time it will take me to remove all the glue left over from various pieces of tape, IVs, EKG leads, etc: I hope I get it all before he's a year old. Seriously.

But oh, is he precious.

Good night, New York!

(Now where is my Percoset?)

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