Sunday, April 30, 2006

And so it begins...

I know that I should have taught Miss M to go for a nap without nursing. For some reason, she'll go to bed awake at night, but was never inclined to do so during the day. So I just nursed her to sleep instead. I was home, didn't have anywhere else to be, and it was an excuse to lie down for 20 minutes (at a minimum).

But today I was up against the wall. Taxman had to leave at 1:45, just about 20 minutes after we got back from a shopping expedition. Baby AM was hungry, and being extremely vocal about it. Miss M, despite almost falling asleep in the car (why did I stop her???), did not pop off easily. She came running out before Taxman was out the door. And I just had to let it go.

She played and read to herself while I nursed (and nursed and nursed) AM and caught up on the past two episodes of Gilmore Girls. When Taxman got home at 3, he promptly swept her up and attempted to get her to sleep. There were tears, but now all is quiet; I assume they are both napping. Of course, I don't want her to sleep past 4 or so, because if she is up after 8 tonight I might lose my mind.

But there are two bright spots in the following week: This is the week that our lovely friends from synagogue will be taking turns cooking dinner for us and Taxman is taking a paternity day on Thursday, so that we can avoid being home when our cleaning lady comes. (And as a special bonus, our building's water will be shut off all day Thursday for maintenance.)

Just maybe Miss M will nap before Thursday. I really hope so, because with the middle of the night tantrums, she desperately needs it. Don't we all.

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