Thursday, April 06, 2006


The last day the b2b could have shown up without any possible Passover interference was yesterday.

Whoever said that the power of positive thinking could overcome obstacles clearly never ran into my body, which has a mind of its own. I was positive...right up until my OB appointment, when I was told that not only was nothing happening, but the Jewish doctors in the practice (2 of 4) will of course not be available for the second half of next week. Not that I think it will matter, given how cozy the b2b is with the current living conditions.

A revelation: My thin line between depression (last night: no dinner and an unsatisfying sobbing session) and stress (mainlining chocolate) is apparently the small bag of peanut butter M&Ms that I bought this morning at CVS. Did I mention I am officially up 40 lbs?

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