Sunday, April 02, 2006

Two Mondays

Tax season with kid(s) is like having two Mondays a week. Monday is Monday, and Sunday is Monday, too. Either that, or it's like starting the week with a Wednesday and going back to Monday on Monday. (But that makes less sense.)

To wit: I am carless and 100% in charge of Miss M.

Although Taxman argues that Sunday is not Monday, because he leaves for work a little later and gets home before Miss M goes to bed, the midsection of the day feels like Monday to me. Even worse, there is no 9:00 Sesame Street! But the programming on the Food Network is better, i.e. not infomercials, so in a sense it balances out. Every once in a while Miss M is all about Rachael Ray.

Thankfully today was a park day, because you can't beg, borrow, or steal a playdate on a Sunday. Everyone else is too busy running errands! Argh.

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