Sunday, May 14, 2006

The buck stops here

At least for now.

A brief history

Mother's Day 2003: I am in the midst of failing my second (of three) "assisted" attempt to get pregnant.
Mother's Day 2004: Approximately 36 weeks pregnant with Miss M.
Mother's Day 2005: Miss M was almost 11 months--bright, irrepressibly bubbly, and showing no interest in sleeping through the night.
Mother's Day 2006: Miss M is almost 23 months (going on 17), and we have a baby, too (!!). AM is one month old today.

As lucky as I am to have two adorable, healthy kids, this will not be a trend. (Or so goes the plan.) They have given me focus and purpose, but I must have a full night's sleep before I can address the prospect of more. Plus the tuition bills--we're sending Miss M to "school" in the fall--have already started, and we can't afford more. Just trying to keep the balance.

Happy Mother's Day! Especially to the newest mommy I know, mc.

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