Wednesday, May 17, 2006


In a swanky local gift store into which I have never set foot:

A matching mother-baby sleep set. Mom's nightshirt says, "I need sleep." Baby's onesie says, "I'll sleep when I'm good and ready."

Do you think they make mother-toddler sets? I resemble that.

See also: Phantom, ccw, Purple Kangaroo (9 months is close enough!), and sometimes (she gets bonus points because she has to function in front of students on a regular basis) Anita. (Probably Moxie too, although she seems way too together to be at risk for the toddler rebellion.)

And many others through the blogosphere. Wishing you all a good night.

Edited to add: (Headsmack!) I forgot my pal 3daughters (who sadly doesn't have a blog, but she has three kids under 8 and a full-time job, which is plenty!), whose toddler, O, is an inspiration to all the sleepless babies!

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