Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life on the outside

Baby AM is a pretty chilled out individual. Thank goodness. He has no objections to sleeping in the living room with the lights on, no problems with our television viewing habits, and doesn't seem to care if I send five kinds of dairy products through the milk. (Although there were six--SIX!--poops yesterday between 7 am and 1 pm.)

But all things being equal, I think he might have liked his last living space better. His favorite places out here seem to involve being squished or involve close bodily contact (luckily Taxman is a fine substitute, assuming AM's tummy is full): a sling, nights right beside Ema or Abba, and (finally!) a nice trip under the handheld shower, in a mesh sling to boot. I am figuring there is plenty of time to get him used to sleeping for long periods on his own, away from someone's heartbeat....first in line for that is Miss M, anyway.

Really, though, who would turn down the chance to be trapped on the couch with a downy-headed newborn snuggled in their neck?

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