Tuesday, June 06, 2006

ATTN: Chase Bank

What did I ever do to you? We’ve been quiet little customers for six years, despite your miniscule interest rates and utter lack of swag. Three weeks ago you messed around with the screens of the ATMs. Instead of being able to tap through in a familiar sequence, I have to actually read the damn things. Was this truly necessary?

And today there were new deposit slips and new deposit envelopes with different information required. Are you kidding me? Don’t you have my address already?

It took me four times longer to deposit two checks and take out $20 today than it would have a month ago, resulting in an infant who was pissy because I was a) inside and b) had stopped moving and a toddler who was alternatively demanding “NACK!” (which I was trying to save until 10:30) and “PAAHRK!” (the promised destination), oh, every 7.2 seconds.

So, thanks for making me feel a little more like a crotchety old woman and proving this old dog will be slow to learn your stupid new tricks.


One Tired Ema

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