Sunday, June 25, 2006

Illness and injury report

I stand by my previous assertion and still think that we don't, in fact, have thrush.

So imagine our freakout when I realized that Miss M had been pulling on her diaper frequently and being unusually fidgety during diaper changes. And she had a few little red spots on her behind that weren't exactly diaper rash, but weren't exactly fading away either. Was I wrong about the thrush? Were both AM and I asymptomatic but Miss M had a yeast infection? Oh dear.

So we trundled everyone into the van and scooted to the pediatrician. In case you were wondering (come on, I knew you were!), urine samples are collected from very little people using a sort of plastic bag contraption taped into their diapers. After suggesting she drink every 30 seconds during a side trip to a nearby park, 45 minutes later there were about four drops of urine in the bag. Enough, however, to determine that Miss M had neither a yeast infection nor a urinary tract infection.

Good to know, but poor Taxman. He has a looming work deadline and spent his morning with us, his face pinched with stress as he pushed Miss M in the tire swing and pointed out a duck family. We're definitely getting a second car. (I'll miss him on mornings such as this, though.)

Friday evening, as I was putting her into pajamas, she was thrashing around (nothing out of the ordinary--staying still isn't exactly her forte) in my lap and her skull connected with my jaw. OUCH. I could feel the hit radiating up to my ears. OUCH. We were both pretty upset, until she was distracted by the bag of frozen mixed vegetables Taxman brought to soothe the pain. Then she demanded to trade for the bag of frozen corn that I was holding to my face, so we figured she was ok.

Toddlerhood is rough. On everybody.

And I had a throbbing sinus headache for a day and a half. I was almost ready to sell my soul for two Advil Cold and Sinus pills. Now that went away, but I think I have a cavity (or two). Sigh.

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