Thursday, June 15, 2006

Like riding a bike

Tonight I went jogging for the first time since Miss M:

a) was conceived.
b) was born.
c) was 12 months old.

The correct answer is a. The last time I had running shoes on for their intended purpose was at the 2003 NYC Race for the Cure (RftC). Then it was Rosh Hashana, then I found out I was pregnant. And being pregnant after infertility meant I was a nervous wreck for a while and chose yoga over jogging.

But I digress.

I felt like I really needed to get back to jogging. It's good exercise. It's an opportunity to do something by myself--half the time I don't even shower without a little person. I wanted to train for the 2006 RftC because it's a good cause and a reasonable distance (5K).

So after dithering for a while, I finally bought myself some new Nikes, put some music on the iPod*, and figured I could use the hour between six and seven in the morning for good. I was going to pump a bottle tonight for Taxman and go tomorrow morning, finally.

However, Taxman has an early meeting tomorrow. And, he pointed out, there would always be a reason not to go. He's right. So I put Miss M to bed and went, leaving Baby AM to the devices of Taxman and his magic Hotsling.

It was so nice. Don't get me wrong, the running part--probably only a mile and a half at most--kicked my ass. And will continue to do so tomorrow, when my quads kink up in revenge. But the weather was beautiful: the sun was setting, lots of nice fluffy clouds turning purple and pink, a moderate breeze.

I felt light. Physically and mentally. Physically, of course, because I didn't have 12 pounds of boy strapped to me, and I wasn't pushing 50 pounds of girl + stroller + assorted miscellaneous crap that come with girl + boy. Mentally because I was free to notice things for myself. I saw a beautiful Golden Retriever. The trees are coming into their summer lushness. I felt really happy. Even when I felt like my lungs were going to explode. (I'll get over it.)

So I'm definitely doing the 2006 RftC. Goal is to break 34 minutes.

Anyone else? Moxie? Should we put together a blogging mommies team?

* The iPod was amazing. Made all the difference. Once or twice I tried to jog with a portable CD player. Not good. And without music I am constantly looking at my watch. Seriously not good!

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