Monday, July 17, 2006

Five minutes of randomness

1. It's supposed to be hotter in NYC today than in Miami. There's a reason I don't want to live in Miami, and it's not because of the beach. Only saying.

2. Having recently been introduced to the concept of cow's milk as a beverage, Miss M had Cheerios and milk together-in-a-bowl today for the first time, instead of deconstructed. She thought it was the Greatest.Thing.Ever and ate a ton of it. Who knew?

3. Baby AM can easily flip over from his back to his tummy and now rarely sleeps on his back. In fact, Saturday night we caught him in traditional "baby sleeping pose" (scrunched up, fist in his face, fanny in the air). And I wanted to cry. He was--at age three months and one day--so far removed from being a small, inscrutable thing. As I exclaimed to Taxman, "He's a real boy!" I am happy, yet bewildered.

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