Thursday, July 13, 2006

If you see my brain...

I'm looking for it.

Amy confessed to feeling ditzy a while back. (I read it as tired. Two kids under four? Of course she's tired.) In particular because she forgets whether or not she's washed her hair.

This happens to me sometimes if I take a shower by myself. When Miss M is in there with me, I have to stay 100% present, but when I'm alone and my mind can wander and I can close my eyes for six seconds....well, my brain sometimes just up and leaves.

Example? After I took a shower on Monday night, I was excited to find that I had three minutes to cut my fingernails. Usually it takes me several days to get around to it and they increasingly drive me batty. So I cut them. (Yay!)

Yesterday, which was Wednesday, I caught a glimpse of my hands on the steering wheel as I waited at a red light. I had clipped only NINE of my fingernails. Not ten. Nine. For some reason, the index finger of my right hand had escaped notice. How is that even possible? (The index finger of my dominant hand! Sheesh. If I were going to skip one, shouldn't it be one of lesser importance? Like my right ring finger? Left middle finger?)

In the grand scheme of things, of course, this is just a blip. I am filing it under evidence that my intellect is eroding into little specks of dust. (Coincidentally, one of Miss M's favorite songs.)

So, again, if you've seen my brain, please send it over. C.O.D. is fine. Oh, I'm also missing my Visa card.

Update: Visa is found. It was in my wallet. Stuck between two health insurance cards that, as of two weeks ago, we no longer use. This is so typical of me!

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