Thursday, July 20, 2006

Peeved and aggrieved

Today I had the do the errands pushed off from yesterday. (Actually, one of them--veggie hunting at a farmers' market--will take place this afternoon, and be about 30 times easier than planned because Miss M will be whooping it up at Taxman's parents' house.)

I marshaled my forces and managed to get out of the house without being totally frazzled.

But then...

Someone had parked right next to the van. As in, maybe two inches away. I know parking in this neighborhood is a huge problem, but this was beyond obnoxious. If someone had been close on my other side also I would have been completely trapped. We all had to get in on the opposite side, and then I kind of vaulted myself to the front. And thanks to that maneuver, now have a huge rip in my skirt. One of the few that fits. Not nice.

I made my returns to Gymboree. People had generously given outfits to Miss M along with baby presents for AM, but she is growing so fast; I hate to put her in something when she is halfway through the size, and she is really ok for clothes for the moment. If I had gotten my act together about two months ago, I could have exchanged for the next size, but of course they are showing different clothes now. So I returned them for credit. By some miracle (trust me, it was--I am totally disorganized about this stuff), I had the gift receipts. I was under the impression that the point of a gift receipt was that you were credited the amount that someone paid, not the lowest sale price. But apparently that's how it works at Gap affiliated stores. At Gymboree, not so much. So for probably $80 of clothes, I now have $50 of credit. Annoying!

The clothes there are adorable, but $50 will not go far. I'll have to wait for the sales--hopefully I'll do as well there as I can at babyGap.

From the cute-but-exasperating department: Baby AM gives himself the hiccups at least twice a day. After a bit, he becomes very annoyed. The only solution is nursing. But often he's not hungry, so he just hangs out in my arms, grinning, until he's motivated to nurse and get rid of them. But woe to me if I make the mistake of putting him down! Twice a day. At least.

Good thing he is so cute.

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