Friday, February 10, 2006

Random observations

From the "I'm not sure what to make of this" department:

Miss M has taken to trotting off with whatever snack I give her in a cup or small plastic container (for convenience) and promptly dumping it onto the couch. She looks at the container, says "Eh-tee!" (Empty!), and then eats the snack from its new location.

The headscratching part is that a dog we know does something similar. After being given a treat, he retreats to the nearest rug or carpeting to eat there.

What's the attraction--the moving locations thing? Is it disturbing that I've even noticed this and made the comparison? Not sure.

From the "Bad Ema (and Abba!) in retrospect" department:

I was going through Miss M's teeny tiny clothes (0-3 months) in an attempt to figure out what we need to get for the b2b. The short answer: outfits with pants, because we really didn't dress her in all that much. Just onesies. Which makes sense, because she was born in the summer, runs hot, and most times outside she was smushed up against me in a sling.

Oh, but the bad parenting part was the fact that among all of her 0-3 month clothes there were just two pairs of socks. Which, if I recall, were constantly falling off. So did she have cold feet for the first weeks of her life? What did we do in the car? (Taxman is a BIG fan of the air conditioner.) Did we just throw a blanket over her lower half? This all goes back to my theory that babies need little neon signs that light up to tell you what's going on with them....

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