Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weather update

"Snowing" seems so inadequate for what is currently happening outside our house. There is a lot of snow falling, combined with a lot of wind. Just white. And now they are saying on the radio that the worst part of the storm, which was supposed to be overnight, is yet to come.

Taxman put on his clunky Timberland boots and made his way to shul this morning--we're less than a block away--just in case they needed a warm body to make 10. And now he's off with several of his EMS buddies in an attempt to clean off an ambulance. (If only the storm were over. Or lighter.) At least they don't have to try to dig out the entire parking lot because the ambulance has chains. Taxman has already announced that he is going to work from home tomorrow, even if his office is open (unlikely). This is a Big. Deal. Early February is not crazy tax season yet--that's late February--but it's certainly a time of year when You Show Up. No vacation, no doctor's appointments, you stay home sick only if you are really sick. So it must be pretty awful out.

The good news is that the forecasters are predicting 50 degrees for Thursday. We should definitely be able to have the car out by then.

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