Friday, January 20, 2006


Miss M's new favorite spoken word, apparently, is "down." Or "DOWN!" to be more accurate. She uses it all the time. When I pick her up from someplace interesting (the edge of the street, the floor of a public bathroom, our apartment hallway--which is a great place to lie down, apparently), when I try to strap her into the stroller, or when she falls down, either accidentally or on purpose. In the last context, "DOWN!" is slowly replacing "Ah-boom," which is kind of a shame, I think. For two reasons: first, "Ah-boom" is really so much cuter; and second, "Ah-boom" sounds nothing like "DAMN!"*** (Unfortunately, "DOWN!" issuing from Miss M's mouth can make no such claim.)

***I really, really, really try very hard not to curse in front of her. Or Taxman, because it bothers him.

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