Thursday, January 12, 2006


One pink shoelace! (The real justification for having a cleaning lady is that it forces us to straighten up every Wednesday night.)

Still missing: My ability to have two coherent thoughts in a row.

Still not working: Our wireless card. Thank goodness Taxman brings his computer home every night.

I have come to the conclusion that I just don't have the stamina, physical (my heels hurt from standing up so much today) or mental, to think through, shop for, and cook two discrete shabbat meals. I never do it anymore--we are all about yummy leftovers--except when we have sleepover company. But really, the only such company that we've had in the past two years (at least) are Taxman's relatives. So if they have to eat the same grilled vegetables or kugel twice in two days, I guess I can live with it. Plus, eventually we will run out of room in the fridge, because half of the second shelf always looks like we just held up a Stonyfield Farms truck: Fat-free natural for Taxman, Organic lowfat for me, and YoBaby for Miss M.

But I digress...

(Okay, I have to add that the only reason I was able to keep on top of the manaical cooking was that Taxmax did not one, but two sinkfuls, of dirty dishes without complaint. Plus made the appropriate yummy noises as food was coming out of the oven.)

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