Monday, January 09, 2006

Eating my words

Last night before Miss M finally went to sleep, under the direct supervision of Taxman, we had two repeat viewings. Oddly enough, she waited several minutes in bed in the dark, then trotted out to the living room and picked up a book, as if bedtime had only been a temporary setback to her evening plans.

Then she appeared at my bedside at 1:30 am. (Probably partially my fault...on the way back from a bathroom run I rearranged her because all of her midnight bed-wanderings had her looking like she could take a header from her bed at any time.) I stupidly did not put her back in the toddler bed, but allowed her to snuggle, which resulted in a night during which I repeatedly had to fight back from the edge of the bed. Something was making her very restless...but I couldn't figure out if it was teething, cold-related stuffiness, or something else.

Ema pulls a MacGyver

I've mentioned Miss M's obsession with shoes and shoelaces before. At long last the inevitable has occurred; I can't find her shoelaces, which she always removes and tries to put around her neck--therefore I am constantly taking them away and stashing them out of her reach.

This morning I had a long list of errands to run before 12:30 (nap), but was frantic at the lack of laces. So I used twine. I can't decide if that makes me quick-thinking or irresponsible.


mc said...

I definitely vote for quick-thinking! Twine holds the shoes on, right? And that's the whole point of shoelaces. Ergo, you win. ;)

mc said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, I'm so glad you're blogging! I could never figure out how to comment on Miss M's site...