Sunday, January 15, 2006

Oh, I didn't mean to do it...

Back when Miss M was exclusively nursing and I was slowly admitting that someday I would allow her to enjoy solid foods, I promised myself that I would never use food as a bribe or part of a game.

Ha! What am I doing now? Getting Miss M to eat her oatmeal by plopping a dried blueberry on each spoonful as she eats it (by herself, though, so that's good). Every three or four spoonfuls she tries to pick the blueberry out without eating the oatmeal, but that is not part of the Ema-Miss M breakfast contract. I am not fact I am happy to report that it works with yogurt too.

Lately, I've found myself at the library a couple of times a week in search of recipes, so Miss M gets a snack to keep her quiet for five minutes. But I am swearing off Shabbat guests until the kids are about 11 and 9, so the library won't be as necessary for a while.

And of course Miss M got sesame pretzels last week when I had to take her to my OB appointment. She's fine in the waiting room, but gets hysterical when I am being examined. The snack kept her quiet, to a point...we almost had a choking incident while I was getting my Rhogam shot, though.

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Phantom Scribbler said...

I'm impressed. The only way I could get Baby Blue to eat oatmeal would be to, you know, throw it on the floor or something. Dried blueberries would definitely not help.