Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm not ready

My baby is growing up.

Every day there's a new word or a new something. Two days ago I pointed to a duck and said, "What's that?" expecting to hear the usual "dah-DAH!" And she said, "Duck!" I almost crumbled in a little heap right there.

Yesterday she said "more" as she signed it. She had never ever done that before, but she did it again today. (After we saw a street sweeping machine thingy. I explained to her that it was making the streets clean, and she said, "Ah kleen! More!") What's next? Is she going to say please and sign thank you? Just turn my world upside down, why don't you!

It's not like Miss M is my last child, as the roiling in my abdomen reminds me on a very regular basis. I'll get to experience these little growing up moments again. But not with her, I guess. I feel happy and sad and proud and terrified all at once.

My profound thought for the day...brought to you by the fact that we are out of flour so I could only make one batch of muffins and had to skip the brownies, too.

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