Saturday, January 14, 2006

More fun than oodles of dirty dishes

Blogging, that is.

Actually, Taxman is driving his brother (the aforementioned sleepover company) to the airport, so I am home with a sleeping Miss M and a computer that can actually connect to the Internet. As soon as he returns he will have to settle down to work, so the dishes can wait.

So I wanted to karma: do other people believe in this? (If so, what the heck did those poor people in Seattle do?) I was so thrilled earlier this week when it was in the 50s and sunny. I spent part of one afternoon and part of one morning chasing Miss M around the park. (Fun but exhausting when it is getting harder to bend over and clamber up the slide after her.) But in the back of my mind, I knew there would be some sort of karmic debt exacted from us for such nice weather in January--three feet of snow in March, average temperature of 12 degrees in February, that sort of thing. Anyway, we may be partially in payback mode right now because it's been raining, with varying degrees of howling wind to accompany the raindrops, for 24 hours. It might be cold enough overnight to start sleeting. Fun! But it would finally justify Miss M's boots.

Thankfully, today was the first day since Monday that I did not have to go anywhere or have an overwhelming list of cooking projects. Miss M, after a pretty darn good night--up once, at 4am, but promptly soothed with a trip to Ema & Abba's bed and so quiet in her sleep I forgot she was there!--slept until after 8:00, which justified skipping the one block walk to synagogue. (The advantage of going to a 7:00 service is that it is over by 9!) To tell the truth, I was inordinately sleepy, probably because I was not being pulled in 40 directions. Even Miss M seemed to intuit the idea that on a day like today, the best thing to do was go back to bed. We expected her to nap late, as she often does after a good night, but she seemed tired and signed to nurse and was napping by 11:30....and slept for almost three hours. (Yes, I am very jealous. We had lunch guests coming so I couldn't climb into bed for more than the 20 minutes I was nursing her.)

My big achievement for the day? I got to wear a dress. Because Miss M napped so early--before I got around to picking from my sad Shabbat maternity selection of clothes--I wore a dress for the first time in almost 19 months. I even spent a minute looking for a regular bra to celebrate the occasion, but I couldn't find one. Ack!

Ah, the Taxman cometh. I must run....

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mc said...

Congrats on the dress! And I agree with you about the weather karma: We've got about an inch of icy sleet/snow on the ground, and it's approximately 23 degrees -- a full 30 degrees lower than yesterday.