Sunday, January 01, 2006

Turning over a new leaf

The new year is upon us...but I don't do resolutions. My new year started a few months ago anyway. I will be having a hard time remembering that it is 2006 every time I write a check or fill out a form, but I can easily blame that on my consistent sleeplessness.

Although I don't think of this blog as a resolution, I'll look at it as an outlet for my thoughts. My daughter has had her own webpage since about her sixth month of gestation, but I've never felt comfortable invading her space, as it were, with my own rantings and ravings. Besides, my mother-in-law, the most devoted reader of her exploits, lives close enough that she sees me rant and rave in person on a regular basis.

My daughter is already a toddler, but sometimes I still feel very new at this project blithely called "motherhood." I don't quite believe I am part of the institution yet, so I'll come here to question myself and trying to figure out what on earth I am doing...before someone gets hurt.

Tomorrow comes the cast of exciting!

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Anita said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!!! I'm so glad you're here!