Wednesday, January 18, 2006

SAD for toddlers?

Can toddlers be affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder? This is my pondering for the day.

Today is a day much like Saturday. (The day of the very early and very long nap.) Very grey and very rainy, and, as a special bonus, incredibly windy. I had decided during the 3am bathroom run that it was very unlikely we were going to leave the house today because a) we have that luxury and b) Taxman's dry cleaning can wait. And I hate those plastic rain covers for strollers. I am constantly checking to make sure she is breathing.

Miss M rallied at 7:30, knocked on the bathroom door a lot while Taxman was in the potty, ate oatmeal and melon for breakfast, watched Sesame Street, got her talons (uh, toenails) cut, played with blocks, colored with crayons, colored with markers, had a snack, boogied to Laurie Berkner. An ordinary day.

But two "off" things. First, she requested to nurse during Sesame Street. The mid-morning nursing has not been popular around here for a few months. She did nurse, half lying, half sitting, and with her attention mostly on the letter of the day. P, in case you were wondering.

Then she got whiny and asked to nurse again at a quarter to 12. I thought maybe she was hungry again, so I asked if she was. More half-crying, so I asked if she was sleepy. She then signed "sleep," and kept signing to nurse. I wasn't expecting her to want to nap for another hour at least, but we trundled off to the bedroom...and she's been out cold for an hour and a half.

Somehow I feel like if we had been out and about, or even if it had been sunny instead of gloomy, that she'd just be going to nap now.


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